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Earn rewards by sending photos of empty properties and derelict buildings via our Land Hero app. Join us in revitalising your neighbourhood today!

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Download the app, then capture an image of an empty property or derelict building.

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Submit your new property or update.

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Earn points that convert into cash or Land Hero charity donations.

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About Us

Set up in June 2023 Land Hero is on a mission to spotlight all the empty and derelict property Worldwide and be the first step in bringing these spaces back into use.

By utilising our Land Hero app, we can turn ordinary people into Land Heroes wherever they are!

Points are collected for updates of existing properties and new submissions.

App users can redeem the points for rewards or donate them back to the Land Hero charity fund.

The brainchild of Ben Tibbetts he's intent on tackling the areas hardest hit by empty properties. Empty and derelict buildings often become a focus for antisocial behaviour and frustration within communities. They should however be a focus for regeneration, much-needed housing, community uses and examples of net zero opportunities.

Hero Testimonials


We love hearing from our heroes, here are a few of the things our dependable helpers have said:

Loving this app! I'm totally committed to protecting our green spaces so being able to identify redundant properties and spaces within brownfield is fantastic.

Since discovering Land Hero, I have realised what an innovative and extremely powerful resource it is and it has opened my eyes to how many derelict buildings and brownfield sites are scattered around looking unsightly, whilst they await a fresh lease of life. The app itself is so easy to use and the fact it pays you to submit sites is a welcome bonus. One of the key advantages for me is that it allows locals who know best to suggest how the site could be developed to enhance their community.

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